Charawui Rai Promo (new upcoming tangkhul movie)

08/09/2019 77116 Views

Promotional video of our upcoming Tangkhul Naga Feature Film “CHARAWUI RAI” (English Subtitled).
Written & Directed by: Makanmi Ramror
Protagonist: Angel Shimrah, Mashun Shaiza,
Sypnosis of the Film:
The tussle of life would not tight down Ms. Lemyophi as she resolutely struggle deep inside. She couldn’t experience the love and care of her birth mother and that aggravates her situation, yet she wipes her tears away and always moves forward. In the run of life at an unanticipated juncture, the encounter of Mr. Ngamreishang obligates her into the world of romance. This new encounter may heal all these contend, is what she thought. But, the culture of undermining women and the practise of dominance of wealth on prestige of woman, demands her best effort to keep fighting in order to conquest the struggle from the valley of tears. The power of love couldn’t safeguard or upraise nothing and so does Mr.Ngamreishang never drift away from it. Yet, no one could forethought if they could escape from this dreaded battle.

Shai Hing
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