Leikashi Tui (feat. Yursari Ngalung) – Maker Kashung

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Words: Rinchon Kashung
Music: Maker Kashung
Videography: Kahorpam Horam
Music arranged & produced by William Leivon

Special Thanks:

Loving Rimai and family for hosting usđŸ¤—
Shon Lolly for lending your voice for the demo recording đŸ˜‡
CYS, Sopleng Baptist Church for the wonderful program đŸ¤¸

Leikashi Tui (Lyrics)

Leishiri kahaiya ngathorna phungrà„mi kahor.
Thingnà„-rahà„, shiri-shirà„ riprip laa sai,
Wungsà„ri shaksà„mi, à„sak-à„và„t khi chansam nido!
Wuklungna yangkà„da ngavà„oli,
Proho themsak yangla makhui.


Khavà„t makhaleiya Proho,
À„tungshongwui lukhamashanna,
Huimida ili somi.
À„wui leikashi samphanghaoda là„à„sai imanglà„na;
Katang makhavaiya Proho mingli sochikatra.

Kasema Proho pà„ngthem shimmei, ningna mashà„nkhuirar.
Ningchuk themlà„k eina rak khui haoda,
Shimkhur, ngasotnao semkà„mi mirin peichà„oda.
Zinghà„m zingrot nana somihai.
Namingli khayà„shichingra.


Chithà„da sokhami, chingri kahai Nawuili shà„nkhui haoda,
Chà„n sà„ngaishon Na ngalemli;
Hà„ng ngaishon ikhamorna, leikashitui.

English Translation:

Words of Love

There is a delight in the radiance the morning brings.
The trees & plants, animals & birds sing in unison,
All dressed in majesty,
Unfathomable is the work of your hands!
From the depth of my soul exclaim,
Lord, each a sight to behold.

God in all sufficiency,
With grace from above,
Rescued and blessed me.
My soul will sing about the love I have found,
Lord Your name will be praised forevermore.

Sweet is the Maker’s hand, too wonderful for my mind to comprehend.
With heavenly wisdom You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Gave me family and friends for a lifetime.
You bless the sun and the rain,
I will honour your name.

BRIDGE: From Him was love and peace,
How my soul yearns to be in the court of the Lord;
While my mouth confess adoration for His love.

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