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Moc ft Asing AC / Wonjui – KAPANGLUI Official MV (Tangkhul Latest Song)

About – We’re a group of friends brought together by our resonating interest in music making and poetry, with an intention to celebrate life.

Producer & Director: Focal Point Studio Ringui /Asing AC
Song: Kapanglui
Artist: MOC
Lyrics: Wonjui
Casts: Wonjui, MOC, Asing AC
Camera: Ramreipam Ahum & Belief Ahum
Editor: Ramreipam Ahum

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#Tangkhul Lyrics:
Shiman nanai hairasaya,
Yangkashiya bingwui khayali.
Hotlā thāda khamakhuiya
muiyāna phungthuinanai.
Kha nana kachihan khuirami
Mayo kachangli ngasoda

Iwui khangazan, iwui khamā
nana horngasak.
Nana hang i khamā dāk sirā nada.
O sirā iniwui thaomei ngasara.
Paraffin khikha masavai.
Oooohuuu2 kapanglui…kapanglui..

Nali theikachida i wukli
konghar ngashing.
Nawui khamana khon iwuivanga
ngasa laa khon.
Nawui tuina laasem.
Kapanghaira O nali iwui ngasarada
‘la kapanglui, kapanglui chira thangkachida.

Siphan zingrot kachot atamlila,
Ngahuiri, nawui yartuili changchingawut
ngavarāmi, ili kachihan miluishit.

#English Lyrics:
I was getting lost in the shadows of adversaries.
Almost got overwhelmed by the clouds- murky like ashes.
Then, along with spring you came,
And bring me hope.

You make my flaws and my wounds glow.
Told me that my scars are stars.
O’ the stars will be our lamp.
We don’t need Paraffin to refill them

Everytime I see you,
butterflies flutter in my belly.
Your laughter is music to me,
And your words, poetry.
I’ve chosen to call you mine.
And if I had to, I’d choose you again and again..everyday

When in storms and( rain),
You came with tenderness,
bearing rainbows on your shoulder;
And regale me with hope once again.

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