Charfa (Official Music Video) | Yuileichan Mahongnao | Translation in Descript | Tangkhul Song

14/07/2020 51380 Views

Song : Charfa

Singer : Yuileichan Mahongnao

Recorded @ Meiphung Studio

Editing: Pamshim Rungsung

Manager : Yeyah Nakhedei

Verse 1

Each sunshine we were together, Dews formed
Shedding Rays upon the blossoming petals, glistening it.
The Bird’s chirping would get lovelier with the passing breeze.
Long gone memories of us, the farther it gets, the more I Reckon.

I’d gaze out of my window for every view of you.
That reflecting ray of yours kept my mind sound every single day
And like that, My window sill became a spot for daily dosage of you.

Verse 2
Never knew how our younger life would go unnoticed,
Those moonlit walks with our hands held,
A clear crystallized memory I’ve grown to hold of you.
Recalling it, It was just you that I loved.

Each time I see you, I cant love you less.
The closer we get, The more I get drawn.

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