LAY – Lan Ashee Yur | A Tangkhul Naga feature film (English Subtitle)

02/02/2019 407325 Views

Kaikhana lanli khangamar wuivang yurli yorzaya.Kaikhana yur pangapa khavai ashee tangasakda kharingwui mashun sashiman miya.Kha kaikhava yur wui mashun kala ningkhan wuivang phasa,mangla chigat/chikatta.Saikora hiwui saman leisera

“L.A.Y – Lan Ashee Yur”, a Tangkhul Naga feature film, is about the good, the bad and the ugly of us, the society, the leaders. Money, one of the root causes of all evils; we are not scared to let the blood overflow if selfishness, greed, pride took control of us; and in the midst of all these, yes, we also have “the good” who sacrifices everything and work wholeheartedly for our people, society, nation. And, yes, for each deed, there is a reward!

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