Mr loinamak visiting imphal pandam office for final round interview 🤗🤗

06/03/2021 125521 Views

hi loinamak! here is a good news for you. In Manipur there is one office called “pandam leading the way” or you can just say pandam office in short. their current services are listed below. 1= loan against property 2=self help group (SHG) 3= service loan 4=pensioners loan 5=Business loan 6=Gold mortgage 7=Vehicle mortgage 8=Gold investment 9=EMI services (mobile, vehicle, and all kind of electronics items) 10=Fixed deposit (FD) Recurring deposit(RD) 11=Offers and discount (10% up-to 40%) 12=Education loan and housing loan 13=Real estate. please visit Your nearest branches which I mention on my video. thank you so much ❤❤ head office phone number 88119949448/9863240629 reference= khayai world

Khayai World
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