Nali Chak/Full Video/Leishipam Phungshok

19/08/2022 193002 Views

A tribute to our beloved friend Late.Leishipam Phungshok (Singer/ Composer) 12/4/1989 – 3/6/2022
“Khanaowa sãda nawui yarnao li nana hãngthi kahai ãja sãmi hairakho. Na chingri eina ngasãmkhui haolo! Samphanglui naosei, itao!”
– Generation Y, Zingsui

Cast – Mayami Kashak & Thronis Phungshok
Make up – Ninghorla HAS
Camera & Editing – Pamshim Rungsung
Drone – Creative Studio
Subtitles – Loving Rimai
Direction – Pamchuiwon Hungyo
Project Manager – Reisangmi Phungshok (Generation Y)

Costume and Accessories- @tangkhul beads
Camera- @Tangkhul Vibes
Facebook –

Copyright Disclaimer

This channel holds the copyright issued and conferred by the owner Late Leishipam Phungshok (Singer/ composer).
Therefore any unauthorized upload and republication of this music video is strictly prohibited and punishable under law.

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