Official Trailer | Khanaowa Shongza | Tangkhul Movie | Meiphung Productions

17/04/2021 55424 Views

This is an official trailer of “Khanaowa Shongza”, a Tangkhul Naga Feature Film, is written by MK Vaorei of Ramcho Ramrin fame.

Ngachanpam Ngashangva
Selina Chanting
Tharashok P Awungshi
Chuimeichon Awungshi
Philangam Shimrah
Hungmathot Hungshi
Soreiyo Sw
Chinyaphy Shimray
Mayarthing Zimik
Yurreipem Chiphang
Chingya SA
Yarmichon Vr

Director – Oshim Sw
Asst. Director & Production Controller – Seema Ks
Cinematography, Editing & Music – Pamshim Rungsung
Asst. Cinematographer – Wurngam Ruivah
Music – Pamshim Rungsung
Playback Singer – Horthingla Rungsung
Make-Up Artist – Mimi Phinao

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