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Leishat Otphun
Ini samphang kharethang wui ringkapha
zimikna tunkahaila matheima…
Kachot kaho maraluiki kachithai..
Kha sarum kahai saikora ajava ningchotkhavai sahao..
Khayon hangchiphun da zathuihaira…
Ining kachot khipalikha machiphunpai mangathapai
Leishat ningchot hi iwui yarngasahao
Okthot hili leikashiva na ngathumhao…
Leishat otphun hi ina phunghaoka
Leishat kaho hithaphalungla..
Iwui uklungna nali leikashi…
Phongshok khavai na ngalemli ranganing..
Kha iwui khayon sahaora… Sakashi leishat phaning vada…
Maphongshongshok rarthu imang zathui hao

English subtitle by Asung Marchang
The burden of Love
Oh!how excited the day we first met, didn’t even know when the sun sets
It felt like the pain will not come back again
But all the memories we shared are now tearing me apart
You’re gone blaming it all on me
This sadness, I could neither make it go away nor change it with someone else
This burden of love is now for me to keep
Now that my love is gone… hiding…
Let me carry this burden of love
Is this really how love supposed to be?
I am here to let you know
How much this heart longs for you
But then I will take the blame…
Thinking about the love so cruel
I couldn’t even say a word, so I walked away… alone…

Copyright :Meiphung Productions

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