RAMEIVA WUI LAA – K. Yursari Ngalung | Official Video

18/07/2021 20169 Views

A story among thousands, a widow who never gave up on Life & God.

Based on true story

This video is sponsored by the sons of Mrs Suisaphi Khamrang.

Singer – K.Yursari Ngalung
Written by – Mrs. Suisaphi Khamrang
Starring- Chuimeichon, Thotmahai & Suisaphi
Recording & Music: Thanrei Varengnao
Subtitle: Loving Rimai

Videography & Editing – Sorenzan Vashum
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bboy_neros/?hl=en
YouTube :

Drone Pilot – Akui Zings

Crew – Amansing Kazingmei
– Vamsing Shomi
– Yursari Ngalung
– Sorenzan Vashum

Child Artist :
Masot khamrang
Chaimi khamrang
Thuingahan khamrang
Worsem ngalung
Yangmayon ngalung
Zanchipam A shimray
Aldora Ningshen

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