Sashapasei(Phakhamei II )|Singrala feat. Yarshim &Wipatrailiu|official Music Video

20/05/2021 179607 Views

~ S a s h a p a s e i ~ out now on YouTube.

However if you still feel like supporting the artists for their hard work and budget spent to create this beautiful piece of music video, do visit online streaming platform, and you’ll be still able to buy the ticket.

We truly appreciate your gesture and your continual support as we together, build the Music industry in our region bigger and better.

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Artist : Singrala
Back vocal: Yarshim & Wipatrailiu
(Phakhamei 2)

Produced : Sumsil
Written & composed: Sumsil

Soshim Keishing
Rinchuinao Muivah

Yung yung Khamrang
Chikami Raihing
Leander Kamsom

Tammila Shimray
Ellen Victoria Muilung
Athing Shimray
Chuimila Siro
Chipemmi Kasar

Directed by Mazanmung AC
DOP : Joy Khwairakbam
(unpolished miracle Studio)
Graphics by Leonides

Asst. Director : Kachuimi Luithui
Stylist: Mahaipam Kashung
MUA : Athoi Shabungkhok & Awon R Vashum
Outfits from House of Luikham

Location Gratitudes
The Grubs
Family Shoppe

Sumsil Residence

H Sumsil
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