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28/11/2020 6565 Views

Youth Football Coaching for Free is a first project of Meiphung Foundation under Meiphung Productions. This is to promote young talents who are interested in football but couldn’t afford training due to financial constraint. The coaching is for 3 months per batch and the batch will be limited to 6 people. All the expenses during the training will be incurred by Meiphung. The selection to this coaching will be first come first basis. The first batch was launch on 26th Nov”20
Training Coach : Kuivao Ruivah
(former player of Yarkhok FC and Hindustan Lever FC)
For inquiry, please contact Meiphung Productions Office at 03870265028 (Mon – Fri, 10:30am – 3pm)

Videography: Pamshim Rungsung & Tharashok P Awungshi

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